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Technicial Specifications
Power [kW]0,067,5
Moment [Nm]11400
Output Speed [r/min]0,3290

SV / ISV Series

Offered for drive systems with low moments and regular loads, worm gear units stand out with their light, modernly designed bodies with high strength, as well as silent operation.

  • Worm gear units with 90° input and output axis range.
  • Foot- and flange- mounting available with a single case.
  • Rigid case structure and suitable for heat transfer.
  • System resistance calculations are made in accordance with ISO, DIN and NIEMANN standards.
  • Different input options available (PAM B5, PAM B14, ...).
  • Different output options available (Solid shaft, Hollow shaft, ...).
  • Different mounting accessories available (B5 flange, B14 flange, Torque arm, ...).
  • Worm screws are made of 16MnCr5 case-hardening steel, worm wheels are made of CuSn12Ni-C bronze material.
  • Bodies are made of ADC-12 aluminum injection up to 105 body size.
  • High-quality bearing and sealing components are used.
  • Special requests of the customers may be considered.
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