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KVM/PA Series

Construction Vibration Motors

It is a vibration motor designed for the compaction of concrete mortar on all surfaces, especially for gross concrete applications. Kem-P KVM/PA Series Construction Vibration Motors are reliable, long-lasting and reliable in tunnel formwork, columns and beams, superstructure and substructure, concrete pipe, refractory industry, prestressed concrete formworks, vibration tables, all densely reinforced formworks and all kinds of precast production. It is a vibration motor for comfortable and problem-free concrete compaction applications. Specially designed fasteners (quick-fit clamps) reduce installation and repositioning time. They are high-frequency electric vibration motors used in both prefabrication facilities and construction sites. It allows you to achieve the best results in concrete compaction. Kem-P KVM/PA Series Construction vibration motors, preferred for their high working efficiency and ease of installation, have ATEX II 2D Ext b IIIC T 120C Db and IP66 certificates for applications in hazardous environments with flammable and explosive dust.

Expert Support
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  • In tunnel formwork
  • In columns and beams
  • Concrete pipe
  • In pre-stressed concrete molds
  • On Vibration Tables
  • In All Dense Reinforced Molds

Thanks to the possibility of operating the vibrators at different frequencies, they work away from the resonance frequency of the structure to which they are applied; so there is no possibility of damaging the body.

In addition, their eccentric weights can be adjusted to generate different centrifugal forces for customers to have the perfect configuration according to the type of used concrete. The result will be excellent compaction, both structurally and aesthetically.

  • Multi-voltage: 3ph 42V – 3ph 230/400V (* tolerance ± 10%)
  • Fixed frequency: 50Hz and 200Hz
  • Operating temperature: -20°C / +40°C
  • Durable Design
  • Easy setup
  • Different supply voltages for use on a global scale
  • Supply Cable
  • Vices
  • Converters
  • Building and Construction Sector
Technical Documents
PSV- A Elektronik Frekans Konvertörleri - Variable Electronical Frequency Converters


(*) Working moment = 2x static moment



KEM P vibrasyon motorlari KVM PA

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