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KCS-FK Series

Vibration Motors - Frequency Converters

Kem-P KCS/FK Series Frequency Converters provide full protection against over current, overload, low and high voltage, overheating and short circuits. It provides long, trouble-free and low-noise operating times of its moving mechanical parts. It is protected inside the sheet metal panel in the IP55 protection standard. Kem-P KCS/FK Series Frequency Converters offer the opportunity to operate at different frequencies with a range of 0-200 Hz. It extends the life of the molds with its vibration power selection feature. It has the advantage of using energy distribution boards to the central power unit.

DISTRIBUTION PANEL (CONTROL PANEL) - Electronic Frequency Converter

In large construction sites and prefabricated production sites, it is often necessary to feed several high-frequency vibrators at the same time, in order to save time and quality concrete products. The Control Panel offers special solutions with ease of movement and customized design according to customer demand.

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Kem-p Control Panel is a frequency converter designed to operate multiple vibrators simultaneously in prefabricated systems and construction sites.

The control panel is available in two versions, mobile or fixed: The mobile version can simultaneously feed 4 to 12 vibrators equipped with wheels. Fixed version, number and type of attachments can be customized as needed. The Kem-p Control Panel provides the ability to power vibrators individually, in groups or simultaneously.

  • Voltage at input: 380/500V ±10%, 50/60Hz
  • Output voltage: 42V / 48V
  • Depending on the nominal frequency of the vibrators, the output frequency can be adjusted between 100Hz - 150Hz - 200Hz with a potentiometer.
  • Full protection against overload, short circuit, overheating and voltage fluctuations
  • High efficiency


  • Mobile version controls 4 - 12 vibrators
  • Fixed version can be customized according to customer demand.
  • Prefabricated Applications
  • Building and Construction Sector
Technical Documents
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