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KVM-HV Series

Vibration Motors - Air Concrete Mold Vibration Motors

It is attached to various concrete molds. It enables the concrete mortar to settle with the vibration it makes and prevents the gaps that may occur in the concrete. The sheet metal is tied to the bunkers. Thus, it provides continuity in the flow of the goods in the bunker. It is used in screening plants that prepare sand, gravel and aggregate materials. High-frequency Kem-P KVM-HV pneumatic vibration motors, used both in prefabrication facilities and on construction sites, allow you to achieve the best results in concrete compaction when it is not possible or dangerous to use electrical systems.

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It is recommended to have a high-density reinforcement inside the enclosure for vibration applied from the outside of the concrete.

Partition walls, columns, beams, which are the structural elements to be vibrated, are high or narrow, so it is difficult and impossible to vibrate with internal vibration systems.

  • In air vibration motors, it creates a circular vibration that operates between 0 and 17,000 rpm and thus spreads in all directions.
  • Working pressure: 4.9 - 6.9 PSI
  • Quality of air supply: class 5.4.4
  • Operating temperature: -10 ° C / +60 ° C
  • It is recommended to use a pneumatic lubricator in the system.
  • Easy to use
  • Ease of Installation
  • ISO
  • CE
  • Air flow hose in different lengths
  • Bracket (fixing foot)
  • Building and Construction Sector
Technical Documents

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